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April 17, 2009
VOL. 9, Issue 11

April 17, 2009
Location: Right where you are, sometime between 9am and 9pm

Call for Poets - Deadline April 17, 2009

The Poetry of Everyday Life Marathon
12 hours of continuous poetry from 9am to 9pm, Friday, April 17th, 2009

Do you write poetry? Do you read poetry? Do you love poetry? Do you hate poetry?

Here's your chance to spring poetry on an unsuspecting world. Fifteen minutes is all it takes.

From 9am to 9pm on Friday, April 17, 2009, poets all over Canada will be speaking poetry aloud to random passers by, to assembled audiences or to no one in particular. Take part and have your poetry join the flock of words that will fly across the country.

How do you participate?

Anytime before April 17th, sign up for a time slot. You can choose any time of day and any length of time. You can read alone or with a group of friends. Ideally you'll read in a public place and expose your poetry to the light, but you are welcome to read in your bedroom closet.

How does it work?

On the day of the marathon a poet will start reading 15 minutes of poetry at 9am at their chosen location. As soon as they're finished another poet (they could be anywhere) will read for 15 minutes, when that poet is finished, another will start reading in yet another location. And on it will go throughout the day until 9pm.

You may get an incredible feeling on the day of the Marathon. As you get ready to start your reading you know there is another poet somewhere finishing up and as you finish, you know there’s someone out there to carry on. Poets feel connected from coast to coast.

Where are all the other poets?

A couple of days before the event we will distribute a schedule of all the poets who have signed up. The schedule will appear on the web page and go out to the Cooked and Eaten email list, the Facebook group and be added to several other poetry lists and newsletters.

What will happen to all this poetry?

Poets are encouraged to create documentation of their reading: video, audio, still photography, sketches or a combination of the above. These records will be posted the Cooked and Eaten Poetry Marathon Facebook Group and on the website. Check out last years archive here:

Don't be shy. This is about bringing poetry in all it's forms to all the corners of daily life. If you've got fifteen minutes of poems, or can make one poem last 15 minutes, you're in. If you aren't a poet, but have a favourite poem or three you'd like to read, you're in. If you do performance poetry or spoken word, all the better. If you know a number of poets, get together to read for an hour or share 15 minutes.

Each reader who signs up is emailed a printable .pdf of a Cooked and Eaten poster to put up and flier to hand out at his or her chosen venue explaining the event to passers by.

Where have people read their poetry in past marathons?

Bookstore, hospital, street corner, hotel, shopping mall, art gallery, cafe/restaurant, retail store, bus stop, on a plane, favourite park, theatre, school/classroom, backyard party, farm, at home, sculpture garden, under and old growth tree, in a canoe on a lake, library, to a cherry tree in bloom, at the beach, at the gym.

You can read anywhere you like.

Where do I send my photos and videos?

Once you have finished your reading, you can send your archived media (photos, audio, video, sketches, etc.) to Please try to optimize your files, that is, convert them to medium quality jpegs - files that are 250kb or less.

Or you can send files via or Both of these services are free and easy to use.

I have a big group of poet friends, can I organize something in my own city?

Yes! Many groups are starting to organize their own poetry marathons under the Cooked and Eaten Poetry of Everyday Life Marathon title. You can put together your own twelve hours or you can put together one, two or four hours, whatever you like. Poetry & Co. in Kingston does twelve hours at their local Chapters store, a group of poets read together in Nanaimo BC, various chapters of the CAA put together groups to read from their chapters.

Send me an email at if you have questions, need support or would like more information about setting up a marathon in your own town.

*For Poets in the Peterborough area: If possible we will arrive at your chosen location and photograph or record your performance.

Take this opportunity to be part of a cross country day of guerilla poetry.


Esther Vincent
Coordinator, The Cooked and Eaten
PO Box 352
Peterborough ON K9J 6Z3

— o —

For Information and photos of last year's event, go to:

From the flier poets pass out on the day of the event:

Today, across Canada, poets are standing up and reading their poetry aloud in celebration of Poetry Month. People are reading in Toronto, Ottawa, Cornwall, Salt Spring Island, Calgary, Lund, Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Peterborough and many places in between.

Poets are presenting themselves in bookstores and schools, at bus stops, under trees in forests, by beaches, and right here in front of you.

As soon as this poet is finished, another poet will start reading somewhere else - every fifteen minutes, on the fifteen minutes.

While you are here, listening to this poet, and as you go about the rest of your day, take a moment to notice the poetry all around you. The poetry of everyday life. Today, poetry is being brought to life across the country. Tomorrow? It will still be there, perhaps more silent, but still there. Take time to look for it, when you can.

For now, enjoy the Cooked and Eaten Poetry of Everyday Life Marathon.


Time (Poet's local time) Name Place City State/Province
9:00 AM Margot Van Sluytman I will read poetry with my partner, Eddie, on Nose Hill here in Calgary, Alberta. Many deer and coyotes live there. Ravens fly over often. Nose Hill is a place known for it mystical energy, for ancient voices of art, healing, poetry and creativity's vital, vital nourishment. Margot/RavenSpeaks Calgary AB
9:00 AM ERNO ROSSI Whereever my book signings take me that day. Port Colborne ON
10:00 AM Meaghan Culkeen Either on street corner or at Natas cafe if I'm working. Peterborough ON
10:00 AM WINONA BAKER The Dianna Krall Plaza in front of the downtown branch VIR Library. Nanaimo BC
10:00 AM Kamal Parmar At the Nanaimo Art Gallery. Nanaimo BC
10:45 AM ray barker Peterborough Square at the bottom of the escalators. Peterborough ON
11:00 AM Kate Marshall Flaherty At MSC fitness to a gathering of people practicing yoga, when they are in sivasana, corpse pose, I will read poetry to them while they lie relaxed and receptive, open like lotuses. Toronto ON
11:00 AM hilary wear East Bank, Trent - in stone circle outside Enweying-Gzowski College building - by "temporary" parking lot . keene ON
1:00 PM Claire Sullivan Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM Louise Lukianchuk Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM Lloyd Graham Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM Rhonda Lee Stephenson Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM Jeremy Cork Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM Val Crowley Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM Debbie Minnema Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM James Wilson Electric City Gardens Restaurant Peterborough ON
1:00 PM Katerina Fretwell Mad Hatter Cafe Parry Sound ON
1:30 PM Ellen S. Jaffe Community group meeting in Toronto. Hamilton ON
1:30 PM Lisa Miller-Pond TBA Peterborough ON
2:00 PM Kim Goldberg Pearson Bridge underpass in downtown Nanaimo, backside of Howard Johnson's where Comox Road intersects the Island Highway. This site is an unofficial homeless campground and is also part of Nanaimo's famed "Scenic Harbourside Walkway" for tourists. We will be the Cooked & Eaten Poets of the Underpass for one hour. Other poets welcome to join us. Nanaimo BC
2:00 PM Penn Kemp In a greenhouse. London ON
2:00 PM Jessica Rowland I supply teach, so in the afternoon at 2, wherever I happen to be, I will read from one of my own poems to whoever I am with, class in highschool or elementary. Peterborough On ON
2:00 PM Peter McEwen At the Brantford Public Library, St Paul Branch to the Branch's Reading Circle. Coldwater ON
2:15 PM Leanne McIntosh Poets In the Underpass Nanaimo BC
2:30 PM David Fraser Under the Underpass Nanoose Bay BC
3:00 PM Wayne Elliott Beside Artspace in Peterborough as I did last year. Peterborough ON
4:45 PM Michael Kast Somewhere in the Ramada hotel, Burnaby BC Prince George BC
6:00 PM Jo Hayward-Haines on Hunter St in Peterborough Ennismore ON
6:00 PM Pepe and Rene Castro-Pozo on Hunter St in Peterborough Peterborough ON
5:30 PM Carmelo Militano Bar Italia, at the corner of Corydon Ave & Cockburn Street Winnipeg MB
6:00 PM Nanci Lee The Company House bar on Gottingen Street, North End Halifax Halifax NS
6:00 PM carin makuz Backyard gathering Whitby ON
7:00 PM Heather Haley At my house to family and friends at a dinner party Bowen Island BC
7:30 PM Katerina Fretwell West Parry Sound District Museum Parry Sound ON
7:30 PM Mary Tilberg If raining, as is forecast, in my living room, if dry, out on the cliff in front of my house north of Lund overlooking the Ragged Islands. Lund BC
7:45 PM Stuart McDonald On the beach at Golden Gardens, Puget Sound Seattle WA
8:00 PM Jessica Rowland I will sing my poems with accordion in my backyard by the campfire, with friends. Peterborough On ON
8:45 PM Krow Fischer At Gifts Of Gaia Hamburg NY
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